Management Support Services

Data Analysis and Modelling Service [PMSIS1]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd offers a data analysis and modelling service to clients who want to extract the most useful and relevant information from their existing databases.


  • Getting the most out of your data
  • Decision making
  • Technical credibility

Audit Service [PMSIS2]

Audit Service

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd provides audit services for all HIF audit protocols; WHS and MSIA legislation and technical audits (geotechnical, drill & blast, and vehicle interaction). Audit templates can be developed to determine compliance with: specific legislation, risk frameworks, company standards, and internal hazard management plans.  Appropriate templates can also be developed to rate in-house practices against industry best practice.  For internal audits we can provide team members and/or an audit team leader; for external audits we can, when appropriate, include site personnel as team members for logistical and developmental purposes.  


  • Independent feedback 
  • Identifies improvement opportunities 
  • Credibility and confidence 

Principal Hazard Management Plan Service [PMSIS5]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd (PRPL) are positioned to facilitate the development of a Principal Hazard Management Plan(s). A principal hazard can be defined as a hazard associated with mining operations that, has the potential for multiple fatalities, including cumulative. Such plans are/ will be required under the new WHS regulatory regime for principal hazards. This service is outlined below and can be undertaken for any of the following: Fire and explosion, Vehicle interaction, Inundation and inrushes, Ground control and Atmospheric Contaminants.  The service may include: audits, review of existing systems, training and implementation support.

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