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OPEN FOR BUSINESS – Pythagorisk are open for business, this includes face to face training. We supported our staff during the pandemic by allowing them to work from home and we successfully retained all employees. We are currently getting a good response from our resources sector clients. We have made a number of changes to the way in which we will be delivering our programs and  we now offer more flexible learning and assessment arrangements.

DMIRS EXAM PREPARATION – We are now providing more flexible learning opportunities and have recently developed a third on-line offering for preparing for upcoming DMIRS Certificates of Competency examinations. They are available for all exams FCMM, QM, RQM, RQMNE and UGS and include:
Face to face training: as undertaken in the past – ideal for candidate that prefer this method of training.
Coaching kits: confidential support – ideal for candidate that are time poor and/or space poor (overseas)
On-line training: our latest innovation – ideal for candidates that are computer literate and self-starters.
The developer, Trevor Little, has been involved with this type of training for over 25 years, he is a First Class Mine Manager and held the DMP examination marking contact for approximately 12 years.

OTHER ONLINE OFFERINGS – We are pleased to draw your attention to other Pythagorisk Pty Ltd online training offerings:
Section 44 (Appointed persons Training) Surface
Section 44 (Appointed persons Training) Underground
Registered Manager, ARM & DRM Professional Development
Transition MSIA 1994 to WHSA 2020
 (available March 2022)
contact our office on (08) 92430650.  Note other online programs can be developed to suit client needs.

RISK FACILITATOR TRAINING – Has recently been improved and is available to industry players wishing to improve the quality of risk workshop facilitation.  For further information, see our service information sheet.

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WHS(Mines)R 2022 Awareness Training 

We have two sister companies named TNL Consultants Pty Ltd ( and Blasting Geomechanics Pty Ltd (