Training & Development Services

Persons in Control Training [PTSIS2]

Pythagorisk has recently invested in developing a similar legal compliance training programs for the Oil and Gas sector. Two programs are to be offered one for On-shore and one for Off-shore.

Mine Management Certificates of Competency Training [PTSIS3]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd offer high quality Mine Managers exam preparation courses. These have been developed in response to client demand and/or leadership shown by our consultants. 

First Class Mine Managers Course
Quarry Managers Course
Restricted Quarry Managers Course
Underground Supervisors Course

Coaching Services [PTSIS4]

Pythagorisk have staff who are successful at coaching. Coaching is essentially a conversation about learning / change and involves asking the right questions.  We offer coaching services in the following areas: career coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching and examination coaching.

Train the Risk Facilitator Services [PTSIS5]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd has developed training programs aimed at developing group facilitation in a risk context. These are generally delivered in-house and can range from 1-3 days.

Train the JHA Facilitator

Risk Facilitation Skills Development Training Workshop

Train the Risk Facilitator – Knowledge and Skills Development Training Workshop

Risk Communication in the Workplace Training [PTSIS6]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd have developed a two-day Risk Communication in the Workplace Short Course. The course will be delivered to the public, and can also be delivered at client sites. Customisation for a particular site is also possible.

Topic 1  Introduction and Overview – From risk to risk communication, risk perspectives, risk communication for companies, barriers to implementation.
Topic 2  Risk Communication Foundations – Foundations, quality of relationships, information design, shaping the dialogue.
Topic 3  Risk Communication Progress – Context, goals & objectives, risk arenas, stakeholder perspectives, participation stances, the strategy, doing It, evaluation and continuous improvement.
Topic 4  Advanced Topics – Crisis communication, historical development, relationship to risk management, other workplace communication and approaches.


Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System Training [PTSIS7]

This course addresses the establishment, support and implementation of risk management systems. The aim to provide tools and knowledge so attendees can demonstrate competency by completing a preliminary Principal Hazard Management Plan or similar project.

What does it cover:

  •  Element 1 Establish the risk management system (RMS).
  •  Element 2 Establish processes to support RMS.
  • Element 3 Implement the RMS.
  • Element 4 Audit the management processes.
  • Element 5 Completion of records and reports. Appendices include:

Who should attend:

This unit has been designed for senior site managers and other specialists; Registered mine managers (RMs) Alternate RMs, and Deputy RMs; QMs, and holders of the Diploma of Surface Operations Management.

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