Training & Development Services

s44 Appointed Persons Training [PTSIS1]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd is pleased to offering s44 Appointed Persons training to the mineral resources sector.  The director developed this training for Tiwest Minerals in 2005 for TNL Consultants and has transferred this business line to Pythagorisk. Since 2005 we have worked with over ten companies and trained over 5000 people.




Persons in Control Training [PTSIS2]

Pythagorisk has recently invested in developing a similar legal compliance training programs for the Oil and Gas sector. Two programs are to be offered one for On-shore and one for Off-shore.

Mine Management Certificates of Competency Training [PTSIS3]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd offer high quality Mine Managers exam preparation courses. These have been developed in response to client demand and/or leadership shown by our consultants. 

First Class Mine Managers Course
Quarry Managers Course
Restricted Quarry Managers Course
Underground Supervisors Course

Coaching Services [PTSIS4]

Pythagorisk have staff who are successful at coaching. Coaching is essentially a conversation about learning / change and involves asking the right questions.  We offer coaching services in the following areas: career coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching and examination coaching.

Train the Risk Facilitator Services [PTSIS5]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd has developed training programs aimed at developing group facilitation in a risk context. These are generally delivered in-house and can range from 1-3 days.

Train the JHA Facilitator

Risk Facilitation Skills Development Training Workshop

Train the Risk Facilitator – Knowledge and Skills Development Training Workshop

Risk Communication in the Workplace Training [PTSIS6]

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd have developed a two-day Risk Communication in the Workplace Short Course. The course will be delivered to the public, and can also be delivered at client sites. Customisation for a particular site is also possible.

Topic 1  Introduction and Overview – From risk to risk communication, risk perspectives, risk communication for companies, barriers to implementation.
Topic 2  Risk Communication Foundations – Foundations, quality of relationships, information design, shaping the dialogue.
Topic 3  Risk Communication Progress – Context, goals & objectives, risk arenas, stakeholder perspectives, participation stances, the strategy, doing It, evaluation and continuous improvement.
Topic 4  Advanced Topics – Crisis communication, historical development, relationship to risk management, other workplace communication and approaches.


Establish and Maintain the Risk Management System Training [PTSIS7]

This course addresses the establishment, support and implementation of risk management systems. The aim to provide tools and knowledge so attendees can demonstrate competency by completing a preliminary Principal Hazard Management Plan or similar project.

What does it cover:

  •  Element 1 Establish the risk management system (RMS).
  •  Element 2 Establish processes to support RMS.
  • Element 3 Implement the RMS.
  • Element 4 Audit the management processes.
  • Element 5 Completion of records and reports. Appendices include:

Who should attend:

This unit has been designed for senior site managers and other specialists; Registered mine managers (RMs) Alternate RMs, and Deputy RMs; QMs, and holders of the Diploma of Surface Operations Management.

Registered Manager, ARM and DRM MSIA Compliance Training

Pythagorisk Pty Ltd is pleased to be offering Mines Safety and Inspection Act (MSIA) compliance training to the mineral resources sector.  A recent addition to the MSIA suite of courses that the director originally developed for Tiwest Minerals in 2005. This program builds increased awareness for Registered Manager’s, their Alternates and Deputies in relation to their statutory obligations. For more detail see the Service Information Sheet [PTSIS9} below.

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